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Blogs of ice and fire

I need more A Song Of Ice And Fire blogs to follow. Game Of Thrones blogs would be cool too I guess. Theories are fun: Sansa sits the Iron Throne in the end despite team Blackfyre having Varys. Quentyn Martell is alive and Victarion Greyjoy is dead.

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Remembrance: A chart of the first world war’s casualties on the centenary of the outbreak

War and stats my favorite

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This looks pretty rad. #Sunset #Scenic #Nature #Landscape #bored

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Alfalfa #farm I happened to drive by. Too #scenic of a #landscape to pass up. #nature #signs #random

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Goodbye for now, #Sun . #Sunset #nature #landscape

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Crawling out of poverty still might not convince you to get that “has to crawl everywhere” looked at.

The 5 Stupidest Habits You Develop Growing Up Poor (Part 2)

#5. You Only Go to the Doctor if It’s an Emergency

When you’re below a certain income, a social benefit kicks in to make sure you and your kids aren’t riddled with disease and then spreading it through public Twister competitions. It’s a medical card, and in the most basic terms, it provides free or discount medical treatment. I grew up with that benefit, which means that I went to the doctor so often that I could shoot vitamin lasers out of my eyes. At one point, they were using my sweat to cure hepatitis.

Just kidding — I only went to the doctor when I broke a bone or needed stitches. Sometimes not even then. See, there’s a problem with having a medical card that borders on paradox: In order to get one, you have to be poor, and the poverty-stricken people who do have them often don’t have a means to actually get to the doctor in the first place.

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If you’re having a bad day here are a few baby animal pictures which surely should cheer you up!  :D

Wtf that isn’t a baby platypus it’s a penguin
Still cute tho

Too cute! dobl44
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Keepin it 100 wit the Lux #Flower

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Sometimes I take great pictures. Jus sayin #tbt #nature #sunset #scenic #landscape

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Honestly these new editing tools ar.e too much. #moon #cloudporn #nofilter

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Preview of the upcoming Romtage #Mitt #Romney #killcam #ninja

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#Sunset provided the perfect setup to play around with the new instagram. #SeemsLegit

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My bruh #swag

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Cat knows how to take a pic