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"Euron is the older brother…" Began the maester.
Aeron silenced him with a look. In little fishing towns and great stone keeps alike such a look from Damphair would make maids feel faint and send children shrieking to their mothers, and it was more than sufficient to quell the chain-neck thrall.
The Prophet AFFC
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ASOIAF original theory

Came up with my first non-tinfoil theory for the series today. Started it here

So Brienne kills Stannis with Oathkeeper, per her oath she swore in front of Catelyn. With Jaime and Brienne, team misunderstood kingslayer, heading to LS, I think she may remember. Ill flesh it out when i get more clear connections but I got a good feeling about this. Jaime slaying Brienne with Lightbringer to become AA reborn? Well see

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The person I reblogged this from has a quality blog and I recommend you all follow them

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Silver Cascade photoshoot in New Hampshire. Climbed ~500 feet up and had to stop ~25 feet from the top because it started pouring. 9/10 would climb again

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We go forward.

This is too deep to comprehend.

Stop it

This is great.

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Ugh. Nuff said

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Reading and not reading

I feel like I can’t just read one book. When I make an effort to read one book, My reading habit degrades into nothing more than articles online, until I decide that I have plenty of books to enjoy. I am doing first reads on a collection/analysis of modern European philosophy, Mindsight by Dr. Daniel Siegel. Got the last two ASOIF books on reread along with Colbert’s I Am America and so can you. Goodbye TV.

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"Get a better camera!" I said to my iPad.
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Head in the clouds

Took me a long time to realize I am myself, and that I am in control of being self. People’s perception of me is not as malleable as i’ve assumed, and I just feel like a jackass for operating the way I always have because I committed. Was always so busy crafting an appearance and avoiding things that could be misinterpreted. I would like to frame it as my clever, mischievous brain tricking me into stopping there. +1 Objectiveness! I need to build up self-awareness.

I really struggle communicating in earnest. but bullshitting, acting, going with the flow and adapting self to situation are skills i’ve honed for far too long. I lost my greatest skill in this error, my self-confidence. I am humble, its just how I believe one should approach life and if I am as great as I’d like to think than people will take notice. Or nahhh. The point of points is that I am the Architect of Me and Designing my temple is all on me. I am meticulous, unconventional, high-energy and verbose. I am random, digressive, disorganized and usually do not finish things I start. I wanted to stop this entry cause I didn’t want to clutter up anyones feed. Pssshhhh nice try brain! HashtagTime

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Winter should hurry up and come chill

"Winter is coming" they say from their chilly cool castles. Acting like I need to get ready? Its hotter than the Summer Islands out here! I wouldn’t mind taking the black right about now

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Got lost on our way out and ended up in a pretty cool jewish graveyard. Kinda creepy seeing such a new burial site…

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Some more pics. Snake had such a cool blue tint to his scales. Didn’t just stand his ground, bit the stick and aggressively slithered in my general direction. Close one

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Day of hiking through the woods with my bro to check out a dead patch of trees. Back in my day, the 90’s, a forest fire cleared out a chunk of forest. Can see the area to the left in the first pic, should have known it’d be a swamp. No sign of yoda or bog devils….buttttttt Shiny berries!

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the elegance of this joke is really, really up my alley. 


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Took a near death fall climbing the coast for the third time in three trips. I think that means I’m either invincible or am going to die next climb. I’d settle for getting paralyzed and becoming Bloodraven’s apprentice were it an option.